MultiPick is designed to remove your pain-points

MultiPick warehouse management software has been developed and refined by people who fully understand the warehousing and distribution business – the processes and the pressures. It can take your inventory control to a whole new level.

MultiPick creates better information that enables you to make better decisions and enjoy better outcomes. It is better in every important way.

Smart, expandable and customised

Real-time reporting

MultiPick gives you visibility of what is happening now. Right now. You can make calls based on current metrics without having to export or manually manipulate anything. It enables greater accountability for warehouse teams – any errors are captured and quickly resolved.

Inventory control in the Cloud or the warehouse

MultiPick can live as SaaS in the Cloud or on a server at your place. It isn’t reliant on any particular tech stack

Flexible and expandable

MultiPick gives you flexibility and stretch. It can be configured to your precise needs now, and grow with you from 5 users to 500+.

Lite to Enterprise levels

MultiPick comes in three distinct levels. Which is best for you depends on the scale and complexity of your operation and your inventory control requirements.

Customised for your business

We work with you to define the optimal MultiPick version for your operational needs now and configure it accordingly.

Integrates effortlessly

MultiPick integrates seamlessly with software you may be using in other parts of the business, such as your ERP and supply chain system

Increases productivity

The efficiencies enabled by MultiPick WMS increase productivity throughout the business and free up team time for other tasks.

Reduces cost

With MultiPick up and running, full visibility and real-time reporting, you (and your customers) will get greater accuracy, better fulfilment, and lower operating costs.

We work with business partners of all sizes, in all sectors.
We’ve made their operations more efficient and we can do the same for you.

Fit for purpose, whatever your size or needs

Let's talk about the WMS that works for you.

Hardware that works hard, but isn't hard work

Interlogic’s complete warehousing management solutions spec hardware that’s designed well, made well, user-friendly and reliable.
Ergonomic, too. For example, buttons designed big for gloved fingers and easy-to-read from over-there screens.

Ruggedised mobile devices

We have a range of mobile computers and devices designed for specific operational areas and operating conditions – including label printers, barcode scanning devices, wearables, voice, vehicle-mounted and hands-free models.

Pick To Light (PTL)

LEDs on racks and shelves indicate pick locations and guide people through their order pick lists.

Integration to Robotics

We dovetail seamlessly into the latest robotics workstreams to help remove as many dull, dangerous and repetitive tasks as possible.

Barcode Scanning Vehicle-mounted Pick to light Mobile devices Robotics Hands-free Voice Barcode Scanning Vehicle-mounted Pick to light Mobile devices Robotics Hands-free Voice Barcode Scanning Vehicle-mounted Pick to light Mobile devices Robotics Hands-free Voice

Easy integration across your business

Upgrading what you are using now to a customised MultiPick WMS solution will be a refreshingly easy experience. Our software and systems integrate smoothly with the most popular financial and business management software including; JDE, MYOB, SAP and NetSuite.

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“MultiPick® became the obvious choice for us. They also offered the local NZ-based support that other suppliers didn’t. It’s important to us to have people here on the ground if you need them”

Douglas Blair  |  European Motor Distributors
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“Handheld scanners tell my guys exactly where to go, what to pick and the location barcoding and verifying system drives up my levels of stock integrity and visibility.’’

Cam Tingey  |  Fresh Office
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Local support. Global reach.

We’re a team of real, reachable people, who are always there to provide technical support when needed. We work with you to ensure everything is working for you, 24/7.

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